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It was the most exciting bit ever. The you know who was in the depths of the secret lair and the other you know who had discovered the first you know who in the depths of the secret lair, and had ordered a couple of clowns to go and moon him.

The footsteps thundered down the steps. The air swished with romance. They rushed to the door. And then they stopped. The chief clown, Jester, had his hand on the brass knob that was to turn the destiny of nations. The door creaked open and from the darkness came a voice that chilled them to their funny bones...

"Honey, I am home!" She hushed into the room, to quote from my own poem, like rain not fallen, and took the sunlight filtering from under the curtains by the storm.

"Uh, huh!" I mumbled. A chap needs to pay attention to his gal, eh what?

"I had such a lovely day. BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH. I mean it was really lovely." She made her message clear. Her opening and her conclusion coincided. She had a lovely day.

"Ummmm" I mumbled with variety. Variety being the spice of life and all that.

"How was your day?" she crooned.

"Ummm Uhhhh" I mixed the two mumbles to produce grave sounds.

"And I bought something for you." There was an edge in that voice sharper than the blade that you know who was wielding at the fart faces, falling them like loose teeth. But I was too implicated in the narrative of the book to be caught in the nuances of her speech patterns.

"Um...ah!" I exclaimed. The secret of a successful relationship this, I tell you. Knowing when to exclaim and when to sound concerned at the same time.

"Don't you want to know what I got you?"

"Eh? Sure! of course. Indeed." I was doing the concern bit this time.

"Cyanide." She gushed.

"No, no, it was Prussian Blue." I said, having reached a part when You know who was about to be force fed the indigo poison. I was also a little surprised how she knew about it without reading the book. But you know women and the sixth sense and all that.

"Well I wouldn't mind feeding you with that either." She casually observed.

"Yeah? It tastes good?" I said. Always take interest in what she says. That keeps everybody happy.

But suddenly my eyes were rivetted from the book. There was a sound in the room that sounded like a mini volcano that had let loose. "Eh what?" I interjected.

And I got a cushion in my face and caught the last of her hair running for safety before a slammed door shook my universe.

"What did I do wrong?" I inquired, knocking with dignity on her door. "What?" I asked again. But answer came there none.

Oh well, I will ask her tomorrow, I guess.

This is a dramatisation of what I saw happening at a friend's house. Couldn't help fictionalising and putting it up here!

p.s. Need to first thank the new members for joining me in the community...Would be good if you could all introduce yourself using the form on the info page.

And if it is not asking for too much, could you help me in promoting the community around? Tell your friends, tell your acquaintances...If you like living dangerously, what the heck, tell your partners! :)

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