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Fight - A poem

I don't think we have ever had any poetry around here. Here is one about a recent fight that I've had. Do let me know if it makes any sense to you.


You stand silent.
I sense conspiracies.
I am tentative fingers.
You feel your eyes gouged.

You look over my shoulder.
I see rejection.
I let a tear jut out.
You think of sun backed crocodiles.

You crack your knuckles.
I hear betrayal knocking against my ribs.
I claw at passing shivers.
Yo smell summer malarial rivers.

You draw doodles in thin air.
I read a threnody.
I offer: "You and Me."
You pause at the wrong grammar.

You sit, arms outstretched.
I finger a crown of thorns on my head.
I move to kiss.
You wince at my barbed wire skin.

You hope for a tomorrow.
I stub sibilant toes against time.
I pull back.
You are numbed by the blow.

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