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Fight - A poem

I don't think we have ever had any poetry around here. Here is one about a recent fight that I've had. Do let me know if it makes any sense to you.


You stand silent.
I sense conspiracies.
I am tentative fingers.
You feel your eyes gouged.

You look over my shoulder.
I see rejection.
I let a tear jut out.
You think of sun backed crocodiles.

You crack your knuckles.
I hear betrayal knocking against my ribs.
I claw at passing shivers.
Yo smell summer malarial rivers.

You draw doodles in thin air.
I read a threnody.
I offer: "You and Me."
You pause at the wrong grammar.

You sit, arms outstretched.
I finger a crown of thorns on my head.
I move to kiss.
You wince at my barbed wire skin.

You hope for a tomorrow.
I stub sibilant toes against time.
I pull back.
You are numbed by the blow.

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'you pause at the wrong grammar'... I know exactly how that is, it's one of the things that will either finish the fight with laughter, or encourage a more fiery reaction.

I really like this piece. Thank you.
I think fights get inordinately complicated because most of the times we fight in words. We own our words. When we use them, we use them to mean what we want them to mean and not really what they mean and hence so many times things get messy because of the things we say.

Also that line was about a certain difference in the mindset. Often we seem to be fighting about the same issue but from different platforms and about different things within the same issue. We also digress into all kinds of things while fighting....this poem was an attempt at capturing that.

Glad you liked it! :)
It makes too much sense. Heh.
too much sense = non-sense? :)