Wendi (dreamweavn4u) wrote in fightslastnight,

He drives me crazy sometimes!

Okay, I've been officially going out with my significant other for about a month now. For some reason, things just hit off extremely well between us, which is a big deal cuz' neither of us have really hit it off well with anybody for years now. We've got a lot in common, but not too much in common if that makes any sense. He's sweet, he's considerate, he's affectionate, he's open he makes me feel beautiful and comfortable. He's pretty much everything I've always wanted in a guy. Now here is where it gets fun. A lot of days I only get to call him and not see him. He works a lot and so do I. So we can really only talk/see eachother late at night. Well he likes my voice, it relaxes him. Which sounds cute and all but I think it relaxes him too much if that makes any sense at all. He'll end up falling asleep on the phone! Or he won't be listening to what I'm saying really and he won't respond and it drives me nuts! He does this all the time he just goes totally quiet and I'll try to get his attention by shouting or anything I can do to make him pay attention or wake up! So last night, this happened (again) and I just said screw it after several attempts to get him to wake up or get out of la la land and just hung up. Well he calls back about 6 or 7 minutes later. He asks why I hung up. I told him cuz' he wasn't talking and he wasn't listening to me. I hate not being listened to. And really am I that boring that he'll fall asleep? So he told me he fell asleep and I said yeah I know. And he said "You're mad at me." I said "I'm not mad I'm just frustrated. You always do this." And he proceeded to explain to me how he's just that way and that he gets comfortable and falls asleep. Well that's all good and nice but god you'd think he'd be trying to stay awake. So after he explained this I was just like "okay that's fine" and he just kept freaking out saying I was mad at him and he was sorry and I said I wasn't mad. And he said "Well you're upset. You said you were frustrated with me." And proceeded to apologize again. And said he'd make it up to me. So I was like okay you're forgiven and continued to talk. Now I wouldn't think much of this you know cuz' I'd figure he'd know better from now on right? NO! He fell asleep again! Not a half hour after this fight. And like I said before he always does this! It's not just last night! What I'm kind of curious about is what does this mean? I mean this has got to be a sign of how this relationship is going to go. I really really like him. I adore him. But I can't stand this! It's got to stop! I just want him to make the effort to stay awake and listen. Or if he's that tired just tell me and I'll let him go to bed it's not gonna hurt my feelings I swear!

Okay that's enough of that. Please give feedback on your opinion of this.
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